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ROMARM, the representative of the Romanian defense industry

ROMARM National Company, the most important representative of the defense industry in ROMANIA supports and carries out research projects in the field of ammunition, artillery weapons and armored vehicles.

ROMARM Company supports research and design projects for weapons, ammunition and military technology

Since 2020, ROMARM National Company, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Research and the Executive Unit for Financing Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation, has developed 3 research projects as part of the National Plan for Research, Development and Innovation with Transfer to the Economic Operator.

In the third quarter of 2022, ROMARM announces the successful completed of 3 research projects all dedicated to ammunition improvement and innovation.

ROMARM has developed several munitions specific to the defense industry in the framework of research projects undertaken between 2020 and 2022.

The Project 16 PTE produced armor-piercing round for the AG-9 grenade launcher is a combined shrapnel and blast munition with the ability to pierce concrete, brick, earth wave and armored targets.

Within the framework of the 6 PTE project, the 30 mm calibre round with armor-piercing tracer projectile for AK306 / AK630 naval installations was developed.

The latest research activity under the 59 PTE project focused on the development of thermal countermeasure munitions with innovative FLARE spectral pyrotechnic composition for all types of Air Force aircraft.

Innovative ROMARM ammunition, homologated according to current standards

The team of specialists involved in the design and development of the new ammunition was made up of specialists from ROMARM and the Plopeni Mechanical Plant. The coordination and efficiency of the team allowed the completion of the projects within the deadline and then the certification of the thermobaric and thermal counter weapons.

Through these projects, the member of the Defense Industry Shareholders’ Organization is bringing fresh energy to the industry and partners in related fields.

The aim of the Romanian defense industry is to ensure a consistent percentage of the Romanian Army’s armament requirements, but also to produce for external beneficiaries, which will be ensured by ROMARM’s subsidiaries.


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