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Bucharest, Romania, December 5th, 2022

The first edition of the conference dedicated to the current status and future of the defense industry completes its session. More than 200 people joined the conference hosted by the Defence Industry Shareholders Organisation (O.P.I.A), organized with the assistance of the Chamber of Deputies, under the high patronage of the Defence Committee, the institutional partner of the event, and held in the emblematic Palace of Parliament on the 6th of December 2022.

The conference was dedicated to defence industry companies, diplomats, state officials and related sectors.
The official opening of the first edition of the conference “New Security Arrangements of NATO and Affiliated Partners in the Current Geostrategic and Military Context” was performed by Florin Marian SPĂTARU – Minister of Economy and Gabriel ȚUȚU – President of O.P.I.A. Romania.

The event was attended by prominent guests, politicians, diplomats, military officers and security and defence specialists. We kept the audience’s interest thanks to the topics covered and the interactive Q&A sessions, which involved both the experts invited to speak and the audience.

Special attention was paid to strategies on geo-political developments in the Black Sea region in the context of the war in Ukraine. The topics discussed included the EU’s programmes in the context of the EU’s strategic autonomy project, industrial cooperation and Romanian investments in research and development, as well as the specific armament programmes of the Romanian Ministry of Defence.

The topics addressed focused on current issues of great interest to the specialised audience, such as:

  • geo-political developments in the Black Sea region, in the context of the war in Ukraine, a topic presented by Iulian CHIFU, State Counsellor, Prime Minister’s Chancellery and coached by Mircea PAȘCU, expert on defence issues and Gabriel ȚUȚU, General Director of C.N. ROMARM S.A. and President of O.P.I.A.;
  • ways to strengthen the resilience of the Black Sea area states;
  • managing an emerging global order;
  • challenges arising from supply chain disruption and stock shortages;
  • the next war, conventional or asymmetric? – a challenge for the defence industry;
  • bringing Romanian armament manufacturers into line with current requirements;
  • repositioning and resizing the arms market in the vicinity of hotbeds of conflict;
  • increasing the volume of investment in the defence industry, generated by current consumption needs.

Among the officials who spoke and presented various sensitive issues in the field of defence industry, we mention Florin Spătaru – Minister of Economy, President of OPIA Romania – Gabriel Țuțu, Lieutenant General dr. eng. Teodor INCICAȘ – Head of the General Directorate for Armament MApN, Brigadier General Anton ROG – Director of the National Cyberint Centre, Colonel (r) Aurel CAZACU – military analyst, Lucian Ovidiu HEIUȘ – President of ANAF, Iulian FOTA – Secretary of State for Strategic Affairs, MAE, Mihail TONCEA – President of the Employers’ Organization of the Romanian Aeronautical Industry, General (r) dr. Virgil BĂLĂCEANU – Association of Officers in Reserve in Romania (AORR), Cosmin Dorobanțu, President of the Federation of Trade Unions of the National Administration of Penitentiaries, Mircea PAȘCU – expert on defence issues, Constantin Bucuroiu – President of the Alliance of Defence and Aeronautics Industry Trade Unions, Colonel (r) Sorin Encuțescu – advisor to the Minister of Economy, coordinator of the team for the elaboration of the National Defence Industry Strategy and Vasile Moldovan – Administrator of Nova Modul company.

This year’s conference was dedicated to the most burning events in the current geopolitical context, brought answers and especially highlighted the desire of all, political leaders, the management of defence industry companies, MApN or national security structures to reach a common denominator and help the relaunching of the defence industry in Romania. Interactive sessions divided into several sections offered participants a wide range of topics of interest, allowing them to choose to participate through open questions.

The defence industry, a priority for all entities

Investment in the defence industry is a priority for the Ministry of Economy. In this regard, we are honoured by the presence of the Minister of Economy, Florin Spătaru at the first edition of the O.P.I.A. conference, “New security arrangements of NATO and affiliated partners in the current geostrategic and military context”. The Minister of Economy emphasized in the opening of the event and then in the public debates, the importance and the approaches of the institution he manages to accelerate investments in the defence industry.

Insight. Vision. Revitalising the defence industry.

Insight and vision are what will help revitalise the defence industry, all on the back of the right investment and the right management buy-in. Thus, the President of O.P.I.A Romania, Gabriel Țuțu briefly presented the outlook and vision of the organisation as the representative of the defence industry’s interests.

The organization supports the revitalization of the defense industry, together with the state structures and the MApN. A relevant statement was given by Lieutenant General Dr. Ing. Teodor Incicaș, Head of the General Directorate for Armament of the MApN, captured in an interview by the O.P.I.A. team.

The O.P.I.A conference achieved its objectives

Relaunch, technological upgrading, reorganisation. These are the objectives that the defence industry wants and that the Defence Industry Shareholders Organisation supports together with its partners.
As Constantin Bucuroiu, President of the Alliance of Defence and Aeronautics Industry Unions, said: “The OPIA conference has achieved its goal. Ways of communication were found between all parties: the Ministry of Economy, MApN, O.P.I.A. and the trade unions.” More details in the interview given by Constantin Bucuroiu to the secretary of O.P.I.A Romania, Mr. Ulise Toader.f the General Directorate for Armament of the MApN, captured in an interview by the O.P.I.A. team.

The first edition of the OPIA Romania conference highlighted the fact that the defence industry has become a priority for all structures, and in this regard, tangible and effective measures are urgently needed.

Thanks to the sponsors of O.P.I.A.

Many thanks to the sponsors and media partners supporting the first O.P.I.A Romania conference. The companies Thales, Domeniile Urlați, Realitatea TV, România Civică ROC TV, Capital, Evenimentul Zilei, Blue Space Technology, UZINSIDER, ROMARM, ROMARM subsidiaries, Uzina Mecanică Orăștie and OXO Network Corporation have contributed, either through sponsorship or media coverage of the event, thus helping the Defence Industry Shareholders Organisation community to promote topics of interest to our field.

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